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  • Special Tutorials
    SPECIAL TUTORIALS are individualized programmes for mediocre, talented and meritorious students on one-to-one or small groups at the student's residence.

    PTB professionals motivate the students to reach their full potential and secure their set goals.

  • Learning Centre
    PTB LEARNING CENTRE facilitates children residing in surrounding localities to learn activities and skills of their interest. The activities are those of endearing hobbies, intellectual exercises or games and computer-orianted recreational skills.

    This makes children more sociable, extrovert and better equiped to face life. A unique coordination methods materials and pshychological approach helps youngsters come to gripes with crisis of confidence by strengthening the base area of Maths and English individualized treatment, geared and graded to tackle veried lavels of requirements is the key to our success.

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  • Performance Evalution Centre
    PERFORMANCE EVALUTION TESTS SCHEME (PETS) which breakes new grounds and help the students attain thezr cherished goals has been regular feature allied with Home Tution / Special Tutorials.

    PETS has three facets:
    Setting model test paper: Our competent staff sets the test Papers based on the prescribed syllabus and the question papers of the previous years. The students attemps these papers under the supervision of independent invigilators at their homes or at PTB centres. The level of performance improves by duly checking answers with improvement suggestions.

    Checking answers : The Performance Evaluation test report for each subject is regularly sent to give an objective assessment of the performance and the progress during this period. Regular monitoring of the performance is very essential as most of the parents neither have time, nor the method to assess their wards.

    Placing model answers : Model answers are handed over to the students which serves is a valuable guide to achieve the highest-level performance. Such model answers are supplied on request at nominal additional price.

  • Computer Centre
    Abyte at PTB
    PTB COMPUTER CENTRE stands apart from the crowd of other centres as major stress is on the need of one-to-one training. 100% time is devoted on computers by teaching the students everything they wanted to learn. More emphasis is given to practical utility of the applications. We teach:

    • Fundamental like MS Office, Word, PowerPoint
    • Programming languages which include the mother of all languages--C++, Pascal
    • Software - used for designing, graphics, multimedia which include Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Director 7.0
    • Web Programming : HTML 4.0, Java, CGI-Perl
    • Web Designing : Microsoft FrontPage-2000 and Macromedia's Dreamweaver
    • Web Applications: Windows NT, Developer-2000, Oracle, Linux, SQL Server,
    • E-Commerce: NT Site Server, IIS-4

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  • Career Counseling Centre
    CAREER COUNSELING SERVICES help the participants to achieve the ultimate goal by going through Preliminary Assessment, Performance Evaluation, Aptitude Tests along with Motivation & Counseling sessions for all levels, fields by a panel of eminent counselors.

  • Language Centre
    We also teach ENGLISH as a part of the Foreign Language Programme. This section has been divided into various segments:
    • Speaking, where one learn conversational skills.
    • Writing: here one learns to write grammatically correct English
    • Letter-drafting
    • General Purpose English; where one is trained in interview skills, business, etiquette of the language.


  • Hindi Lang. Courses for Foreigners

    PTB Online is involved in training people of all age groups and vocations in HINDI. We already have trained many students/foreigners in HINDI for reading, writing and conversation. We are now targeting the international tourism market. As many Foreigners come to India for tourism or business purposes, knowing passable Hindi, the national language of India, would be highly advantageous. We teach the tourists customized Hindi before they come to India. Answering, through mail or online, queries that such tourists may have about anything related .We offer online classes to help tourists.

    For further details, please Contact us

    PTB LANGUAGE CENTRE provides specialized courses conducted on Individuals/Small Groups.

    French Italian
    German Japanese
    Russian Arabic
    Hindi Punjabi
    Sanskrit Assamese
    Urdu Marathi
    Bengali Gujarati, etc.

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  • Hobby Centres

    PTB HOBBY CENTRE provides excellent professional tutors for individual /groups for teaching :
    a) Music
    b) Dance and
    c) Painting, Art/CrafT
    d) Yoga





    Folk songs


    Ghazals, etc
    Drum etc.,

    In DANCE, PTB has experienced teachers for


    Kuchipudi and

    Western Styles.

    We also provide the best teachers for

    The painting course is divided into three segments:
    i)   Basic Drawing Concepts; Sketching
    ii)  Design Aspects, Layout and Perspectives
    iii) Coloring Your Sketch; Schemes

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  • Online Coaching Centre

    A quick and simple way to become more productive and effective in your professional and personal life by enhancing the vital people and organizational skills that are essential to being a successful lawyer.

    Learn anytime, anywhere -- at home, at the office, on the road, early or late, at your convenience.

    It's a matter of minutes: A complete lesson, including the action plan that you develop as part of that lesson, takes only 5 to 15 minutes from start to finish.

    Made for mentoring: Online coaching makes it easy to review learning and thinking with peers, managers and others in your organization so that you all benefit.

    You're in the driver's seat: You select the modules that will benefit you the most, either in your work or in your personal life. Assess yourself, then tailor-make your own coaching program to suit your needs. Each modules uses a technique called "solution-focused questioning" to guide you to personally relevant learning.

    Finally, If you wish to learn something as different as silk embroidery, we are willing to ask a tutor for you...................
    Ad further information, please feel free to contact us...

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